The statements of the serial killer: kill abusers

A Miranda Barbour, the young woman of 19 who admitted more than 20 killings, compared to the fictional character Dexter. She said only murdered those who "abused babies" and "owed money".

The story of Miranda Barbour, the 19-year-old confessed to killing more than 20 people, is just beginning to shed the first lurid details: she and her husband chose their victims according to the "evil" they had.

As he told Francis Scarella, the journalist who interviewed her for the small Pennsylvania Daily Item newspaper in which his statement was published admitting the 20 homicides, Miranda killed babies abusers or people who owed money. "The sect controlled their murderous rages," he told TMZ Scarella, adding that the victims could be more than twenty. "She spoke of less than 100," said the journalist.

The macabre story of what he did with his partner Barbour is directly related to a fictional story he knew to get worldwide attention last year. This is the series Dexter, starring actor Michael C. Hall, who was a specialist in forensic blood expert who works at the Central Police Department Miami. He has a double face: an excellent professional who discovers bloody cases, on the one hand, and a serial murderer who only kills those who committed heinous crimes, to satisfy their "hunger" of death.

For Barbour, and according to what the DailyMail published, the real version and Dexter woman kept a favorite knife used to slaughter thousands of their victims and in which he made a notch for every one that killed.

The couple that made Miranda and Elytte Barbour may well resemble fiction Showtime Dexter. But his case has a precedent in reality. They did something like a tour of death was from Alaska to Texas, and which included several states. A similar run at the time one of the best known serial murderers in U.S. history, Ted Bundy.

Bundy traveled to different states where he raped and killed dozens of young people, most of them university and blondes. There are 36 confirmed cases, although it is believed that the total number of victims could reach 100.

Barbour told the Daily Item that began "to kill at 13" and suffered "sexual abuse" as a child by a family member. That person would have entered into the world of a satanic cult that led astray.

Now investigators handling the case of 42 year old man last homicide victim, began reviewing old unresolved deaths to cross check data and if the couple has to do or not.

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