People do not believe in allegations of destabilization

65% want Cristina leaves office and does not believe allegations of destabilization

An exclusive survey Infobae concluded that most of the population rejects the possibility that the President submit his resignation before December 2015. What voters Macri, Massa and Scioli think

The government faces a weak economy, low levels of approval and conditions Peronism loyalties for 2015. The devaluation of weeks ago generated reports of destabilization by the ruling and calls for his resignation from opposition. A survey conducted for Infobae reveals that most do not endorse any of the two positions.

The study by Raul Aragon & Asociados asked what I should do before Cristina Kirchner calls for his resignation: 64.8% rejected this possibility, which was endorsed by 26.1% (9.1% did not respond).

Almost the same percentage of people who support the continuation of the Head of State believe that end its constitutional mandate (65.9%), while 29% considered it likely to hand over power early.

The survey reveals that despite the constant complaints of voices destabilizing the ruling, a large majority (56.7%) rules out the existence of a conspiracy to overthrow the government, a theory that gets the nod of 29.5 percent.

Aragon's work also provides answers to the above questions among voters Sergio Massa, Daniel Scioli and Mauricio Macri, potential presidential candidates with higher degrees of membership.


The study raised the scenario of Cristina Kirchner resignation and asked respondents to mention a candidate to succeed her. 48.5% said they did not know who was to assume, while 13.1% said "no candidate". Sergio Massa, with 7.9% of the vote, is the first to appear in the item, followed by a 5.5% Daniel Scioli. Mauricio Macri comes third with 4.6% of preferences.

Presenting options in a list of possible candidates, those figures are maintained and marked that if elections were held today would ballotage between Massa and Scioli: the legislator gets in the survey 28.7% of the votes and the governor 19.9 percent. In third position the head of city government appears, with 12.6 percent.

Renewal Front leader is the only one of the three preferences exceeds the Do not know /no answer, chosen by 21.5 percent.

Disclaimer and plot

48% of those who would vote Macri agrees with the president should resign, the highest percentage among respondents. Meanwhile, 51.6% of the voters of Massa and 84.5% of those who choose to Scioli not considered necessary that the president resigns.

However, 62.9% of voters think that Cristina Kirchner Macri reach the end of his term, a percentage that drops to 59% among those who vote for Massa. And 83% of those who choose to Scioli as President believes that the president will continue in office until 2015.

When asked about the ruling theory about a conspiracy to overthrow the government, 51.7% of voters in the governor agrees. The figure drops to 23.4% between supporters of former mayor of Tigre and 11.7% among Macri.

Who votes who

Massa is preferred by women voters (32%), while 27.2% obtained among men. Behind appear Scioli (15.1% and 23%, respectively) and Macri, who obtained similar percentages between one genre and another 13.4% male and 11.7% female. The other candidates on the list of Aragon not reach double digits.

Most of those who would vote Massa are young people between 18 and 35 years (34%), followed by up to 55 persons (30.2%). Measured by revenue, 32.3% have a low socioeconomic status and 29% average.

20.6% of respondents aged between 18 and 35 would vote Scioli, as well as 18.7% among those aged up to 55 years. 20.1% have low socioeconomic status and 19.3% of each medium.

Macri is the candidate of 13.7% of respondents 35 years and 23.1% of upper class, the strongest commitment of this group in the list compiled by Aragon. The head of city government also would vote 13.1% of those aged between 36 and 55.

Savings and $

Most voters Massa (60.5%), Scioli (52.3%) and Macri (52.4%) said they do not save. Those who responded affirmatively to do weights: 30.8%, 38.9% and 31.3%, in that order.

Such that 16.3% of voters elected head of city government as currency to the dollar savings, nearly double that among voters of Massa and Scioli.

Asked about what dollar value taken into account, Macri voters make up the group that thinks the dollar.

39% say they are not aware of the dollar, but 46.2% said they think the value of the blue and 14.8% in the public.

On the other hand, 55.3% of voters do not think Massa in the dollar, a 24.2% you consider the price of the blue, and 20.5% the official value.

Percentages vary when asked the same question to voters Scioli: 47.4% did not think the dollar, 19.2% are in the blue, and 33.4% in the public.

The survey was conducted between Monday 10 to Saturday 22 February in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. For the study randomized 1,200 cases of people over 18 distributed by gender, age range and socioeconomic status were taken.