The picture says more than words can explain

The picture says more than words can explain. The tragedy in the neighborhood of barracks and took the lives of nine people, seven firefighters and two officers of the Civil Guard. Crescenti Berni and working on site with staff and Fire SAME.

The deposit belongs to the company Iron Mountain, which has several plants in the City of Buenos Aires, and is located on the street Azara. It specializes in the "file management, data protection and information destruction."

The company was responsible for launching an institutional video to mark the tragedy, which clarifies that deposits have "full fire protection, moisturizing network, sprinklers and strict moisture control and early detection system" to prevent fire in their facilities.

The reasons of the fire is still unknown, but the flames still unable to be controlled and the risk of collapse is still valid. As a consequence of the fact, nine people were killed and eight wounded.

While classmates die firefighters are still struggling to put out the fire and rescue peopl