The dollar lost interest savings fearingfiscalizaci

It is no accident that happened a week after the government let it be known that the authorization to purchase currency for savings not only limited to the validation of the basic formula. Also trigger monitoring alerts direct to the buyer. In the AFIP to explain the low fluidity and transparency of the validation
Today requests authorization to purchase foreign currency fell to 11.106 visits for a total amount of 5.53 million dollars. In both cases it was the lowest level for a working day since the FX market on Monday, January 27 partially relaxed. Contrast to the initial peak of more than 106,000 queries, totaling almost $ 52 million.
Among the main reasons that the market tested to explain this setback is the fear that whoever explain their propensity to save in foreign currency at preferential rates to enabled the Central Bank after intervention AFIP, suffer a custom control that will generate more costs than you would get the award for the exchange difference.
The calculation you make a lot of repeat buyers in marginal circuit is that with the purchase of $ 550 average monthly operation comes to validating the AFIP parity of $ 7.91 today on the average of the City, the savings over purchasing the amount of foreign currency in the open market or cave to $ 12.15, and closed today, is 1,400 pesos, although earlier this week had been reduced to 1,200 pesos.
While for the national reality it cual es el mejor hosting  is a negligible amount to the depositors that prize becomes irrelevant when checked against the concern of being exposed to greater scrutiny by the AFIP and risk losing a single action subsidies they receive in their consumption of public services.
Retail market relevance assigned to the effect of climbing interest rates, especially since the 24 or 28% per annum which can be obtained by placing weights fixed term still is below inflation: average consultants to forward their estimates to opposition lawmakers started 4.61% for the month and 30.8% in the last twelve months,
Emphasize transparency regime
On the side of the AFIP claim that "the regime of buying foreign currency for tenure is clear and transparent, so daily balance of validated mejor hosting españa  transactions is reported and actual efectivizadas by type of buyer: Employee as an employee in the public or private, autonomous and monotributistas "sector.
Regarding the latter confirmed that "the validation mechanism of purchase orders is to approve up to 20% of average monthly el mejor hosting  verifiable income on average over the last twelve months."
In that period may have been cases of change of categorization of worker, is monotributistas or employee, quit the job and relocated to a period of inactivity, late payment of contributions and contributions by the employer, having or received no annual bonus or prize, have done more or less overtime, etc.. "Specific cases are considered, but not relevant to the broad spectrum of workers who qualify to purchase foreign currency for tenure," say sources in the collecting agency.
Under this perspective, reading is made by some experts that "it was natural that after the relaxation of FX market appeared strong pent-up demand at prices 25-30% lower than the rate on the free segment, but to check the flow of system, lowered their appetite for shopping. "
In the first two and a half weeks of opening this channel savings AFIP workers validated 541,805 transactions totaling U $ S275, 9 million, of which 370,422 were efectivizadas po S197 or $ 8 million