The Mercadona supermarket company has been forced today

The Mercadona supermarket company has been forced today to ask Isabel to go to box, please. The decision, which has directly involved the owner of the company, Juan Roig, has had to take because of an accumulation of customers in boxes of one of its centers located in the Salamanca district of Ambassadors.

Isabel, who was at that time in the frozen department has barely had time to finish the job that was taking place when heard her name called through the centralized PA system.

"When they tell you to go first will not think about you. Then you see that you understand each other and they call you because you really need not do so if it were not so. You know they call you because they have a serious problem, "says the worker.

Indeed, to get Isabel to the area of the boxes, it has been found with long lines of customers waiting with their baskets full of products. "First you get blocked, but there's no time to hesitate. I went running to the box was locked and I have started to work, because if you can help with anything you have to do this even if you think that will not help, "said Isabel.

The company itself admits that there have been times of chaos and confusion when Elizabeth took the controls of a box that was closed so far.

"Customers do not know whether to go to my box and leave the queue in which had long been waiting for, or stay in place and to play it safe. There has been tension, even a child crying and a bag of chips has dropped and a lady almost depressed because he had not seen, "says the young cashier, just 26 years old and with little experience managing such situations .

Finally, Isabel and the rest of his teammates have followed the protocol established for these cases, avoiding greater evils. "Imelda has asked those who were waiting in your queue that pass through the other box in the order queue. I asked like three times, insisting in the order queue. What happens is that there were people who came to my box from different queues, thus several orders of tail came together. I thought we were not going to get out of this, "says the cashier.