The new production photos of the hot student: "I'm not a cat"

The girl who participates in the program Marcelo Polino was the protagonist of a session not for the faint pictures and talked about everything.

After the video media that catapulted to fame Annalisa Santi and the sample passing a lollipop for her breasts, it was the turn of integrating reality "Living with the Stars" cycle that leads Marcelo Polino every night for America. Since then the young not to do sexy photo productions.

"My cap would be filming a porn movie, just do something hinted. Because handling the boundary between Piggy and fine. I'm not a lady, but not a cat," Annalisa, true to his frontal attitude, says dialogue with magazine People.

Then referred to three important men in television: "Marcelo Tinelli gives me" hot male "With him I would make a little trip somewhere Blondes with light eyes like me, but until then I do not know if I sleep with... Facundo Arana. Adrián Suar not fascinate me ... Uh, no! Pará! Now I will not call for the soaps! think of another ... "he said.

Finally, student hot, as it was known originally, was why he is not a partner: "It seems a joke, but all the guys who like me have a girlfriend I'm just animalistic If a guy falls in love with me, I play.. everything. Though I pity always mine. Last year I prayed to God to girlfriend guy who liked me fall in love with another, "he said.