New evidence about the release of GTA 5

Several European stores are offering from a few days ago the possibility of reserving the version next gen of Rockstar title for the new Sony console.
New evidence about the release of GTA 5 p

Some of them confirm the release while others put date. It would be in June when GTA 5 would give the generation gap.
As it happens with version for PC, both from Rockstar as from its owner, Take Two, still keeping silence regarding any possible future plans for delivery, no deny or confirm anything on the issue. That Yes, when they speak, it is to throw more wood to fire, since they left the door to the possibility of finally getting into PS4 and Xbox One depending on, they say, the will of the users themselves.
Either way, for now they follow quiet, seeing how its title clearly has superseded the 30 million units sold, while users, mostly compatible, is despairing about know if someday they may try on their platforms.
But many take for granted, including stores, that during these months have been launching reserves offers guests which included those versions by hitherto unknown Grand Theft Auto v The latest to do it point directly to the new Sony console.
The Portuguese version of the website Eurogamer echoes the corresponding offer launched by Worten a store chain based in the peninsular country that has this new GTA and PS4 as the protagonist. It offers its customers the possibility to book the hypothetical release of the game on the Sony platform; something that the shop has been doing for a few days.


Moreover, the mentioned portal ensures that they have contacted chain managers to clarify the situation, and they would have confirmed the release, ensuring that they handle information confirming that they will sell the product in the future.
However, the store does not designate no specific date for the launch. Does the chain checaSuperGamer, who began his particular promotion campaign on this occasion for both platforms next gen, placing its premiere in June at the beginning of the month of February.


Is this the final confirmation of the launch of the game the next gen? Obviously, we will continue in the hope that some of their leaders made some sort of clarification of the future of this GTA V.