5 reasons why you should not buy the Samsung Galaxy S5

This afternoon my colleague Sergio has published an article where he gave five reasons why Samsung Galaxy S5 is better than iPhone 5S, in some of the reasons that he gives in his article, I agree with it, in others not so, but this is an issue that perhaps we will discuss in another article (quiet that not I have become a TaliApple).
In this article I am going to give five reasons why you should not buy the Samsung Galaxy S5, a smartphone that is one of the greats refried Samsung, as I like to my say, is the final Ultra-refrito of the South Korean company.
5 reasons why you should not buy the Samsung Galaxy S5
Reason no. 1: "Samsung ens ruba, not dyed or seny or values"
Yes, as you can read, shamelessly Samsung, puts prices exorbitant both to its low-end, mid-range and of course, high-end. Let's be honest, in Amazon.es we can pre-book the Samsung Galaxy 5 for the modest price of € 729. Hey Yes! We are TaliAndroides and we have yacht in great length, different houses for all the damn world and also 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, accompany us women of 90-60-90 but Samsung, even if we are podridísimos money, €729 or even €600 (price that supposedly will take the S5 in India) is as they say, an "armed robbery" (i.e. for theft as exorbitant price).
I'm already imagining: "peroooooo...""Samsung invests much in development and innovation... what happens is you're dead of starvation that you can not spend € 700 in a mobile". Well Yes, maybe I'll be a dead of hunger but that you want to tell you, I prefer to spend €700 on a trip than on a simple Android terminal.
Do Samsung innova?, Yes, innovates in advertising, bloatware (ohh I like should be given to see that a 16 GB S5 Galaxy remains in only 8 GB of storage for the user, viva the bloatware).
That Yes, each one is very free to spend the quarters at whatever and as you wish, of course, is why we live in a capitalist system where everything moves for the money.
Reason number 2: great smartphones exist for a lot less money
Here it goes without saying much: Nexus 5 Xiaomi Mi3, Meizu MX3, Jiayu S1... that Yes, maybe one of these smartphones have not so leading technical performance, but hey, at least not passed with the price. The difference between a 600 Snapdragon, Snapdragon 800 and 801 Snapdragon is not noticed since the vast majority of people don't use all benefits of our phone or to 60%.
Reason no. 3: is there any real improvement between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4?
Same RAM, practically the same screen size... I don't see any improvement, do you?. And no, please, do not say: "puess the S5 is water resistant and has a fingerprint sensor...", would seriously thats innovation?.
Reason number 4: for Samsung Android is an OS by the way
When Samsung has certain users engaged with its operating system attempt to (care, that Android is not perfect, nor much less), will paste you a large kick in around the back to Android and hence to Google. Hitting the kick to Skynet is perhaps somewhat reckless and I do not think to do so but to Android, surely Yes.
Samsung does not want to rely on an operating system that is not theirs and do not report any benefit, because let us not forget, Samsung doesn't care if Android improves, or if it is a free operating system, what really matters is to sell its smartphones and more life better, more normal appearance as it is a private enterprise that as the main reason for existing is to generate profits.
Reason no. 5: A Android not you are interested in a company to monopolize the entire market
It's funny to talk about monopolies and say that Android (Google) not interested in Samsung monopolizes the market of smartphones since both Android (example, Spain) and Google, keep a great worldwide monopoly.
What Google and us, the consumers, we want that every day there are more companies willing to compete on price and performance. We live in a capitalist system, take advantage of this, encourage companies to initiate a war of prices and benefits, as well will be the most benefit for the first time.