There are fears in peronism lose in 2015

The impulse that take the presidential candidacies of Scioli and Massa sow doubts among friends and strangers: can divide up the votes and losing to a third candidate? Officials are already working to reunite them. The role of the pure Kirchner
There are fears in peronism lose in 2015

The political Argentina lives a new Paradox. While the majority seem to be convinced that these wild lands can only be ruled by peronism, the old foxes of the movement founded by Peron fear a defeat for the first time in 15 years, since 1999, if Daniel Scioli and Sergio Massa insist on apply - both - President.

One in particular, the former Minister of the Interior Carlos Ph., takes seriously the job alert here and there, makes permanent "called to sanity" and proclaims: "Aren't assured of that opposition to the peronism will not join, because that clearly assured us Raúl Alfonsín and then they armed the Alliance that will be ended badly, but he brought us out of the game".

It is not the only one. The President of the Banco Provincia, Gustavo Marangoni, recognizes it peer though - clear - he is convinced that fortune will continue spilling Beatitudes on flammable Buenos Aires Governor and, thus, finally, reach the armchair he who is preparing years ago. Jorge Telerman, responsible for the Buenos Aires culture, was heard to say: "the rational is that Massa is the Governor of the Scioli President, but it is true that rarely happen in the Argentina rational things".

Fears of a Peronist defeat in 2015 are based on some clear realities. The FpV fell heavily defeated in the legislative of last year in the five main districts of the country, i.e., Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba, Mendoza and Federal Capital, representing almost 75 per cent of the historical average of valid votes. In addition, lost in Catamarca, Chubut, Corrientes, Santa Cruz, won by centimas in Jujuy and La Rioja and there was a phenomenal breakthrough of the opposition in almost all districts, except in Río Negro, San Juan and Santiago del Estero.

The reasoning of those who know is simple: even though it was a legislative, social unrest seems to extend to the beat of the adjustment of the Orthodox, hurting anyone who can count on the backing of the Government, which forces the most competitive of the ruling to sup Yes candidate or with Massa, who was already removed the kidney Kirchner.

To lower expectations in who leads early polls - Massa is between 5 and 8 per cent above Scioli-is the crux that discussed in the tables of the Peronists, strange people, who always wants to win, and no matter either way and at what price, something in what definitely does not resemble their radical cousins.

But Massa is not the only problem that the Peronists have. A sector of kirchnerism is every day more convinced to go to elections with a candidate's "own force", representing the K that would not deliver the flags, but were forced to devalue. Namely La Campora, new meeting of Martín Sabbatella, Luis D' Elía and other jewels of the explicit kircherismo, which includes artists, intellectuals, and several militants, gathered under the umbrella of a conviction which can be summed up thus: "not arrived up to here to finish voting for the only Governor who never stopped putting notices on Clarín".

These K which in the last decade had many reasons to be optimistic, believe that that group can reach 20 percent of support. Wrote Horacio Verbitsky in Página/12. The Peronists, even the Peronists-Kirchner Gabriel Mariotto or "chino" Navarro, cannot avoid smiling is: 5% is a percentage that should feel satisfied. Still, but a possible candidate testimonial also hurts the candidacy of which exit elected Peronist in the step, or, more probably, Scioli.

Obviously, peronism that did not with Massa, i.e. almost all peronism, sure that the blood will not reach the river. None can imagine away from carpets of power of which they are part (accomplices?) and that, at the same time, it subjects them. They expect melons fit while the truck moves, as Peron said.

Though something began to trouble them.

In 2015 the electoral calendar begins in March, with the elections for Governor in Salta and Formosa, and they will happen throughout the year across the country, independently to the presidential election. So far, the only district that has both unified elections is the province of Buenos Aires. In the Federal Capital were always separate, but Mauricio Macri ponders what it is good for you in this circumstance.

In this scenario of elections unfolded, to the
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5 reasons why you should not buy the Samsung Galaxy S5

This afternoon my colleague Sergio has published an article where he gave five reasons why Samsung Galaxy S5 is better than iPhone 5S, in some of the reasons that he gives in his article, I agree with it, in others not so, but this is an issue that perhaps we will discuss in another article (quiet that not I have become a TaliApple).
In this article I am going to give five reasons why you should not buy the Samsung Galaxy S5, a smartphone that is one of the greats refried Samsung, as I like to my say, is the final Ultra-refrito of the South Korean company.
5 reasons why you should not buy the Samsung Galaxy S5
Reason no. 1: "Samsung ens ruba, not dyed or seny or values"
Yes, as you can read, shamelessly Samsung, puts prices exorbitant both to its low-end, mid-range and of course, high-end. Let's be honest, in we can pre-book the Samsung Galaxy 5 for the modest price of € 729. Hey Yes! We are TaliAndroides and we have yacht in great length, different houses for all the damn world and also 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, accompany us women of 90-60-90 but Samsung, even if we are podridísimos money, €729 or even €600 (price that supposedly will take the S5 in India) is as they say, an "armed robbery" (i.e. for theft as exorbitant price).
I'm already imagining: "peroooooo...""Samsung invests much in development and innovation... what happens is you're dead of starvation that you can not spend € 700 in a mobile". Well Yes, maybe I'll be a dead of hunger but that you want to tell you, I prefer to spend €700 on a trip than on a simple Android terminal.
Do Samsung innova?, Yes, innovates in advertising, bloatware (ohh I like should be given to see that a 16 GB S5 Galaxy remains in only 8 GB of storage for the user, viva the bloatware).
That Yes, each one is very free to spend the quarters at whatever and as you wish, of course, is why we live in a capitalist system where everything moves for the money.
Reason number 2: great smartphones exist for a lot less money
Here it goes without saying much: Nexus 5 Xiaomi Mi3, Meizu MX3, Jiayu S1... that Yes, maybe one of these smartphones have not so leading technical performance, but hey, at least not passed with the price. The difference between a 600 Snapdragon, Snapdragon 800 and 801 Snapdragon is not noticed since the vast majority of people don't use all benefits of our phone or to 60%.
Reason no. 3: is there any real improvement between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4?
Same RAM, practically the same screen size... I don't see any improvement, do you?. And no, please, do not say: "puess the S5 is water resistant and has a fingerprint sensor...", would seriously thats innovation?.
Reason number 4: for Samsung Android is an OS by the way
When Samsung has certain users engaged with its operating system attempt to (care, that Android is not perfect, nor much less), will paste you a large kick in around the back to Android and hence to Google. Hitting the kick to Skynet is perhaps somewhat reckless and I do not think to do so but to Android, surely Yes.
Samsung does not want to rely on an operating system that is not theirs and do not report any benefit, because let us not forget, Samsung doesn't care if Android improves, or if it is a free operating system, what really matters is to sell its smartphones and more life better, more normal appearance as it is a private enterprise that as the main reason for existing is to generate profits.
Reason no. 5: A Android not you are interested in a company to monopolize the entire market
It's funny to talk about monopolies and say that Android (Google) not interested in Samsung monopolizes the market of smartphones since both Android (example, Spain) and Google, keep a great worldwide monopoly.
What Google and us, the consumers, we want that every day there are more companies willing to compete on price and performance. We live in a capitalist system, take advantage of this, encourage companies to initiate a war of prices and benefits, as well will be the most benefit for the first time.
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New evidence about the release of GTA 5

Several European stores are offering from a few days ago the possibility of reserving the version next gen of Rockstar title for the new Sony console.
New evidence about the release of GTA 5 p

Some of them confirm the release while others put date. It would be in June when GTA 5 would give the generation gap.
As it happens with version for PC, both from Rockstar as from its owner, Take Two, still keeping silence regarding any possible future plans for delivery, no deny or confirm anything on the issue. That Yes, when they speak, it is to throw more wood to fire, since they left the door to the possibility of finally getting into PS4 and Xbox One depending on, they say, the will of the users themselves.
Either way, for now they follow quiet, seeing how its title clearly has superseded the 30 million units sold, while users, mostly compatible, is despairing about know if someday they may try on their platforms.
But many take for granted, including stores, that during these months have been launching reserves offers guests which included those versions by hitherto unknown Grand Theft Auto v The latest to do it point directly to the new Sony console.
The Portuguese version of the website Eurogamer echoes the corresponding offer launched by Worten a store chain based in the peninsular country that has this new GTA and PS4 as the protagonist. It offers its customers the possibility to book the hypothetical release of the game on the Sony platform; something that the shop has been doing for a few days.


Moreover, the mentioned portal ensures that they have contacted chain managers to clarify the situation, and they would have confirmed the release, ensuring that they handle information confirming that they will sell the product in the future.
However, the store does not designate no specific date for the launch. Does the chain checaSuperGamer, who began his particular promotion campaign on this occasion for both platforms next gen, placing its premiere in June at the beginning of the month of February.


Is this the final confirmation of the launch of the game the next gen? Obviously, we will continue in the hope that some of their leaders made some sort of clarification of the future of this GTA V.
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The dollar lost interest savings fearingfiscalizaci

It is no accident that happened a week after the government let it be known that the authorization to purchase currency for savings not only limited to the validation of the basic formula. Also trigger monitoring alerts direct to the buyer. In the AFIP to explain the low fluidity and transparency of the validation
Today requests authorization to purchase foreign currency fell to 11.106 visits for a total amount of 5.53 million dollars. In both cases it was the lowest level for a working day since the FX market on Monday, January 27 partially relaxed. Contrast to the initial peak of more than 106,000 queries, totaling almost $ 52 million.
Among the main reasons that the market tested to explain this setback is the fear that whoever explain their propensity to save in foreign currency at preferential rates to enabled the Central Bank after intervention AFIP, suffer a custom control that will generate more costs than you would get the award for the exchange difference.
The calculation you make a lot of repeat buyers in marginal circuit is that with the purchase of $ 550 average monthly operation comes to validating the AFIP parity of $ 7.91 today on the average of the City, the savings over purchasing the amount of foreign currency in the open market or cave to $ 12.15, and closed today, is 1,400 pesos, although earlier this week had been reduced to 1,200 pesos.
While for the national reality it cual es el mejor hosting  is a negligible amount to the depositors that prize becomes irrelevant when checked against the concern of being exposed to greater scrutiny by the AFIP and risk losing a single action subsidies they receive in their consumption of public services.
Retail market relevance assigned to the effect of climbing interest rates, especially since the 24 or 28% per annum which can be obtained by placing weights fixed term still is below inflation: average consultants to forward their estimates to opposition lawmakers started 4.61% for the month and 30.8% in the last twelve months,
Emphasize transparency regime
On the side of the AFIP claim that "the regime of buying foreign currency for tenure is clear and transparent, so daily balance of validated mejor hosting españa  transactions is reported and actual efectivizadas by type of buyer: Employee as an employee in the public or private, autonomous and monotributistas "sector.
Regarding the latter confirmed that "the validation mechanism of purchase orders is to approve up to 20% of average monthly el mejor hosting  verifiable income on average over the last twelve months."
In that period may have been cases of change of categorization of worker, is monotributistas or employee, quit the job and relocated to a period of inactivity, late payment of contributions and contributions by the employer, having or received no annual bonus or prize, have done more or less overtime, etc.. "Specific cases are considered, but not relevant to the broad spectrum of workers who qualify to purchase foreign currency for tenure," say sources in the collecting agency.
Under this perspective, reading is made by some experts that "it was natural that after the relaxation of FX market appeared strong pent-up demand at prices 25-30% lower than the rate on the free segment, but to check the flow of system, lowered their appetite for shopping. "
In the first two and a half weeks of opening this channel savings AFIP workers validated 541,805 transactions totaling U $ S275, 9 million, of which 370,422 were efectivizadas po S197 or $ 8 million
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People do not believe in allegations of destabilization

65% want Cristina leaves office and does not believe allegations of destabilization

An exclusive survey Infobae concluded that most of the population rejects the possibility that the President submit his resignation before December 2015. What voters Macri, Massa and Scioli think

The government faces a weak economy, low levels of approval and conditions Peronism loyalties for 2015. The devaluation of weeks ago generated reports of destabilization by the ruling and calls for his resignation from opposition. A survey conducted for Infobae reveals that most do not endorse any of the two positions.

The study by Raul Aragon & Asociados asked what I should do before Cristina Kirchner calls for his resignation: 64.8% rejected this possibility, which was endorsed by 26.1% (9.1% did not respond).

Almost the same percentage of people who support the continuation of the Head of State believe that end its constitutional mandate (65.9%), while 29% considered it likely to hand over power early.

The survey reveals that despite the constant complaints of voices destabilizing the ruling, a large majority (56.7%) rules out the existence of a conspiracy to overthrow the government, a theory that gets the nod of 29.5 percent.

Aragon's work also provides answers to the above questions among voters Sergio Massa, Daniel Scioli and Mauricio Macri, potential presidential candidates with higher degrees of membership.


The study raised the scenario of Cristina Kirchner resignation and asked respondents to mention a candidate to succeed her. 48.5% said they did not know who was to assume, while 13.1% said "no candidate". Sergio Massa, with 7.9% of the vote, is the first to appear in the item, followed by a 5.5% Daniel Scioli. Mauricio Macri comes third with 4.6% of preferences.

Presenting options in a list of possible candidates, those figures are maintained and marked that if elections were held today would ballotage between Massa and Scioli: the legislator gets in the survey 28.7% of the votes and the governor 19.9 percent. In third position the head of city government appears, with 12.6 percent.

Renewal Front leader is the only one of the three preferences exceeds the Do not know /no answer, chosen by 21.5 percent.

Disclaimer and plot

48% of those who would vote Macri agrees with the president should resign, the highest percentage among respondents. Meanwhile, 51.6% of the voters of Massa and 84.5% of those who choose to Scioli not considered necessary that the president resigns.

However, 62.9% of voters think that Cristina Kirchner Macri reach the end of his term, a percentage that drops to 59% among those who vote for Massa. And 83% of those who choose to Scioli as President believes that the president will continue in office until 2015.

When asked about the ruling theory about a conspiracy to overthrow the government, 51.7% of voters in the governor agrees. The figure drops to 23.4% between supporters of former mayor of Tigre and 11.7% among Macri.

Who votes who

Massa is preferred by women voters (32%), while 27.2% obtained among men. Behind appear Scioli (15.1% and 23%, respectively) and Macri, who obtained similar percentages between one genre and another 13.4% male and 11.7% female. The other candidates on the list of Aragon not reach double digits.

Most of those who would vote Massa are young people between 18 and 35 years (34%), followed by up to 55 persons (30.2%). Measured by revenue, 32.3% have a low socioeconomic status and 29% average.

20.6% of respondents aged between 18 and 35 would vote Scioli, as well as 18.7% among those aged up to 55 years. 20.1% have low socioeconomic status and 19.3% of each medium.

Macri is the candidate of 13.7% of respondents 35 years and 23.1% of upper class, the strongest commitment of this group in the list compiled by Aragon. The head of city government also would vote 13.1% of those aged between 36 and 55.

Savings and $

Most voters Massa (60.5%), Scioli (52.3%) and Macri (52.4%) said they do not save. Those who responded affirmatively to do weights: 30.8%, 38.9% and 31.3%, in that order.

Such that 16.3% of voters elected head of city government as currency to the dollar savings, nearly double that among voters of Massa and Scioli.

Asked about what dollar value taken into account, Macri voters make up the group that thinks the dollar.

39% say they are not aware of the dollar, but 46.2% said they think the value of the blue and 14.8% in the public.

On the other hand, 55.3% of voters do not think Massa in the dollar, a 24.2% you consider the price of the blue, and 20.5% the official value.

Percentages vary when asked the same question to voters Scioli: 47.4% did not think the dollar, 19.2% are in the blue, and 33.4% in the public.

The survey was conducted between Monday 10 to Saturday 22 February in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. For the study randomized 1,200 cases of people over 18 distributed by gender, age range and socioeconomic status were taken.

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The statements of the serial killer: kill abusers

A Miranda Barbour, the young woman of 19 who admitted more than 20 killings, compared to the fictional character Dexter. She said only murdered those who "abused babies" and "owed money".

The story of Miranda Barbour, the 19-year-old confessed to killing more than 20 people, is just beginning to shed the first lurid details: she and her husband chose their victims according to the "evil" they had.

As he told Francis Scarella, the journalist who interviewed her for the small Pennsylvania Daily Item newspaper in which his statement was published admitting the 20 homicides, Miranda killed babies abusers or people who owed money. "The sect controlled their murderous rages," he told TMZ Scarella, adding that the victims could be more than twenty. "She spoke of less than 100," said the journalist.

The macabre story of what he did with his partner Barbour is directly related to a fictional story he knew to get worldwide attention last year. This is the series Dexter, starring actor Michael C. Hall, who was a specialist in forensic blood expert who works at the Central Police Department Miami. He has a double face: an excellent professional who discovers bloody cases, on the one hand, and a serial murderer who only kills those who committed heinous crimes, to satisfy their "hunger" of death.

For Barbour, and according to what the DailyMail published, the real version and Dexter woman kept a favorite knife used to slaughter thousands of their victims and in which he made a notch for every one that killed.

The couple that made Miranda and Elytte Barbour may well resemble fiction Showtime Dexter. But his case has a precedent in reality. They did something like a tour of death was from Alaska to Texas, and which included several states. A similar run at the time one of the best known serial murderers in U.S. history, Ted Bundy.

Bundy traveled to different states where he raped and killed dozens of young people, most of them university and blondes. There are 36 confirmed cases, although it is believed that the total number of victims could reach 100.

Barbour told the Daily Item that began "to kill at 13" and suffered "sexual abuse" as a child by a family member. That person would have entered into the world of a satanic cult that led astray.

Now investigators handling the case of 42 year old man last homicide victim, began reviewing old unresolved deaths to cross check data and if the couple has to do or not.

Own Review: If only abusers and killing bad people, but ended up in jail could sleep in peace I bring to society

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So they closed the borders of Christiania, the "paradise

The community in Copenhagen is closed to tourists because its residents need to "think about their future."

A sign where it says "Do Not Disturb" remains hung on a fence, in the Free State of Christiania, the urban complex in the center of Copenhagen by the hippie movement founded in 1971 and houses a large anarchist commune.

The community remains closed to tourists, as well as shops, restaurants and cultural attractions, from Monday until February 2, after residents point out that they need to "think about their future."

The free state of Christiania is a self-governed by its 850 residents covering an area of 34 hectares in the district of Christianshavn in Copenhagen, Denmark neighborhood, and established the status of a quasi-legal community of neighbors who proclaims independent state.

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Rial Jorge's daughter celebrated her 15 years in peace carlos

The thrill of Jorge Rial for the birthday of his daughter: "Blood makes you relatives but loyalty makes you family"

On the verge of tears, the driver spoke of Intrusion love for Rocio and Morena, who celebrated his 15 years at Villa Carlos Paz. The emotional celebration, in this note.

The last weekend was no one more Jorge Rial and his family: brunette, his eldest daughter turned 15 and chose to celebrate in Cordoba, home province of Mariana "Loly" Antoniale couple Intrusion journalist.

Model, Jorge, Morena and his sister Rocio came to Villa Carlos Paz, where they enjoyed the work a Mansion Impossible and were surprised by Mariano Iudica, who asked the stage to sing Happy Birthday to the teenager.

On Monday, Rial introduced the note of celebration at the beginning of your program and explained why they chose to celebrate in Córdoba: "Morena decided long ago that Córdoba is your second home. There's the second family that we set together. Are people she wants: Betty, Mariana's mother who is like a grandmother, Mariana's brother, uncles. "

"We had a barbarian. He was with the people I wanted. Were all they had to be, all my daughter wants, which my daughter loves. Were all. No missed anyone, do not miss anyone from my daughter wants and are part of the family. Because blood relative but makes you makes you family loyalty, "he said, referring also to the absence (without naming) Silvia D'Auro, his ex-wife and who adopted girls.

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The app Line Inaugration their own "theme park"

The project, a kind of large size store, take place until late April in Taiwan, but the company plans to repeat it in different countries. Latin America is one of the bastions of competitor WhatsApp ...

The Next Web assert that "Line wants to be more than a messaging application." The opening of a theme park itself is a perfect example of that statement. There is a large enclosure with the same characteristics of the project undertaken in Finland by Rovio franchise for "Angry Birds", roller included in the recipe, but a sort of exhibit featuring artworks, drawings, photographs large scale and dolls of the classic characters of Line, entrepreneurship leading to service a physical dimension.

With its open until April 27 in Taiwan (square where the application has a penetration of over 70 percent) doors, Line has among its plans to bring this type of display to various parts of the world. In view of this, it is not unreasonable arrival to Latin America, which is, along with Asia, where greater tread has this courier.

As reported by the site Mobile Entertainment, Line follows the steps to pardigma sector, WhatsApp, with 300 million users compared to 400 million the leader. It has presence in over 230 countries and has versions in 16 languages. However, all is not rosy in Line universe. As explained in this note, Naver, the owner signs the application, run the risk of becoming dependent fully on this product. Moreover, revuela misgivings about its expandability. "Naver maintain the growth momentum while Line expand their territory. But the problem is how well the service may take place in the United States and Western European countries, "said an analyst about.

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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber debuted

The Canadian pop idol Justin Bieber told a friend that his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez lost her virginity to him on a trip they planned together

The Canadian pop idol Justin Bieber told a friend that the famous former Disney girl Selena Gomez lost her virginity to him on a trip they planned together in 2011.

The former couple, who confirmed their relationship in February 2011, the same year enjoyed a holiday together, of which Justin could have led to a wealth of intimate detail their immediate environment, revealing that the former star Disney had shown her love accepting sex for the first time.

Justin said: 'I knew I was in love with me when she gave me her virginity'. He said it without any shame or shyness, "a friend of the singer revealed to site.

The couple enjoyed at the time of a vacation in Palm Springs (California), where their relationship was consolidated.

It was during the summer of 2011, when he flew to Palm Springs for a few days in a very private place. The purpose of the trip was clear, were there because Selena had finally agreed to have sex with him. Both agreed that they were very much in love, "the source added.

Earlier that same year Justin, who has been photographed in various strip clubs in recent months-was positioned against casual sex. "Do not think you should be having sex with someone you're not in love" noted the teen idol to Rolling Stone.

The couple confirmed they were together in 2011, after the Oscars party hosted by Vanity Fair, and that summer the sexual encounter brought to light by the indiscreet known Canadian took place.

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The new production photos of the hot student: "I'm not a cat"

The girl who participates in the program Marcelo Polino was the protagonist of a session not for the faint pictures and talked about everything.

After the video media that catapulted to fame Annalisa Santi and the sample passing a lollipop for her breasts, it was the turn of integrating reality "Living with the Stars" cycle that leads Marcelo Polino every night for America. Since then the young not to do sexy photo productions.

"My cap would be filming a porn movie, just do something hinted. Because handling the boundary between Piggy and fine. I'm not a lady, but not a cat," Annalisa, true to his frontal attitude, says dialogue with magazine People.

Then referred to three important men in television: "Marcelo Tinelli gives me" hot male "With him I would make a little trip somewhere Blondes with light eyes like me, but until then I do not know if I sleep with... Facundo Arana. Adrián Suar not fascinate me ... Uh, no! Pará! Now I will not call for the soaps! think of another ... "he said.

Finally, student hot, as it was known originally, was why he is not a partner: "It seems a joke, but all the guys who like me have a girlfriend I'm just animalistic If a guy falls in love with me, I play.. everything. Though I pity always mine. Last year I prayed to God to girlfriend guy who liked me fall in love with another, "he said.

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The picture says more than words can explain

The picture says more than words can explain. The tragedy in the neighborhood of barracks and took the lives of nine people, seven firefighters and two officers of the Civil Guard. Crescenti Berni and working on site with staff and Fire SAME.

The deposit belongs to the company Iron Mountain, which has several plants in the City of Buenos Aires, and is located on the street Azara. It specializes in the "file management, data protection and information destruction."

The company was responsible for launching an institutional video to mark the tragedy, which clarifies that deposits have "full fire protection, moisturizing network, sprinklers and strict moisture control and early detection system" to prevent fire in their facilities.

The reasons of the fire is still unknown, but the flames still unable to be controlled and the risk of collapse is still valid. As a consequence of the fact, nine people were killed and eight wounded.

While classmates die firefighters are still struggling to put out the fire and rescue peopl

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The Mercadona supermarket company has been forced today

The Mercadona supermarket company has been forced today to ask Isabel to go to box, please. The decision, which has directly involved the owner of the company, Juan Roig, has had to take because of an accumulation of customers in boxes of one of its centers located in the Salamanca district of Ambassadors.

Isabel, who was at that time in the frozen department has barely had time to finish the job that was taking place when heard her name called through the centralized PA system.

"When they tell you to go first will not think about you. Then you see that you understand each other and they call you because you really need not do so if it were not so. You know they call you because they have a serious problem, "says the worker.

Indeed, to get Isabel to the area of the boxes, it has been found with long lines of customers waiting with their baskets full of products. "First you get blocked, but there's no time to hesitate. I went running to the box was locked and I have started to work, because if you can help with anything you have to do this even if you think that will not help, "said Isabel.

The company itself admits that there have been times of chaos and confusion when Elizabeth took the controls of a box that was closed so far.

"Customers do not know whether to go to my box and leave the queue in which had long been waiting for, or stay in place and to play it safe. There has been tension, even a child crying and a bag of chips has dropped and a lady almost depressed because he had not seen, "says the young cashier, just 26 years old and with little experience managing such situations .

Finally, Isabel and the rest of his teammates have followed the protocol established for these cases, avoiding greater evils. "Imelda has asked those who were waiting in your queue that pass through the other box in the order queue. I asked like three times, insisting in the order queue. What happens is that there were people who came to my box from different queues, thus several orders of tail came together. I thought we were not going to get out of this, "says the cashier.

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Cayo el narco mas grande de brasil

Fabiano Atanasio da Silva, conocido como “FB”, fue detenido en una mansión de San Paulo y trasladado a Río de Janeiro. Responsable de derribar un helicóptero policial en 2009, según la policía es uno de los principales jefes del Comando Vermelho.

Uno de los narcotraficantes más buscados de Brasil, responsable de haber derribado un helicóptero de la policía en 2009 en una favela de Río de Janeiro, fue detenido hoy en una mansión de la exclusiva comarca serrana de Campos de Jordao, interior del estado de San Pablo.

Se trata de Fabiano Atanasio da Silva, conocido como "FB", causante de la muerte de tres policías que ocupaban el helicóptero derribado a tiros por los narcotraficantes en el Morro dos Macacos, zona norte de Río de Janeiro, en octubre de 2009.

Según la policía, FB es uno de los principales jefes del Comando Vermelho (CV, comando rojo) y desapareció de la favela que controlaba, en el Complejo do Alemao, zona norte de Río, luego de la ocupación policial y militar realizada en noviembre de 2010.

El detenido está acusado de homicidios, robo, asalto y tráfico de drogas y estaba prófugo desde 2002, año en el que mediante un túnel escapó de la prisión de Bangú de Río de Janeiro.

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Gobierno boliviano echara a 50 familias argentina

De acuerdo con esta versión, la modificación de la frontera se firmó el pasado mes de noviembre, y los campesinos del lugar que crían sus animales y cultivan algunos productos en la zona, fueron intimados por las autoridades bolivianas para definir su situación de ciudadanía. Es decir, debían optar por "hacerse bolivianos o retirarse del territorio", comentó uno de los vecinos.

Más de 50 familias salteñas que residen en el denominado Valle del Silencio fueron intimadas a abandonar el lugar por las autoridades de Bolivia, según una denuncia que asegura que en noviembre los gobiernos de ambos países firmaron un acuerdo por el cual la nación que preside Evo Morales ganó terrenos a nuestro país. Según publicó el diario El Tribuno, el conflicto se suscita en el departamento Santa Victoria Oeste. Si bien la intimación recayó sobre 17 familias, el desplazamiento al sur de la frontera entre Bolivia y Argentina afecta a más de 50 familias y constituye la pérdida de por lo menos 600 kilómetros cuadrados de territorio nacional. De acuerdo con esta versión, la modificación de la frontera se firmó el pasado mes de noviembre, y los campesinos del lugar que crían sus animales y cultivan algunos productos en la zona, fueron intimados por las autoridades bolivianas para definir su situación de ciudadanía. Es decir, debían optar por "hacerse bolivianos o retirarse del territorio", comentó uno de los vecinos. Los lugareños les reclaman una solución a las autoridades municipales, provinciales y nacionales, dado que ese territorio es utilizado históricamente por familias de campesinos argentinos. Por su parte, las autoridades bolivianas están más avanzadas, dado que que están a punto de terminar una ruta que comunica a Tarija con la región utilizando mano de obra argentina, indicó el diario. Los que recibieron el impacto fueron los docentes de la escuela N° 4.260 "Frontera Argentina", del paraje Abra de Santa Cruz, que en el 2012 contaba con un plantel docente de 9 trabajadores y casi 190 alumnos. El año pasado quedaron 7 docentes para 140 alumnos y para el presente ciclo lectivo solo quedan 4 maestras sin que se conozca todavía el número de matriculados, explicó el matutino salteño. La escuela del Valle del Silencio funciona con paneles solares, sin agua potable y sin gas natural, y las maestras deben pagar 65 pesos por una garrafa. Esta tarde, el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores que encabeza Héctor Timerman negó, mediante un comunicado, que se haya modificado la frontera. "El límite internacional entre Argentina-Bolivia está determinado por el Tratado Definitivo de Límites del año 1925. No se ha modificado, ni existe ningún proyecto de hacerlo", aseveró. Y añadió: "Entre la República Argentina y el Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia no hay diferencias en materia de límites fronterizos".

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La nueva amiga de justin bieber

Justin Bieber se encuentra en Panamá cerca de la patrón Chantel Jeffries con la que compartía cupé la confusión de su parada Justin Bieber no para de ser antecedente. Tras su parada son muchas las asesorías que están corriendo adentro del panorama celebritero: empleados de Justin que hablan sobre sus sumas, las controversias sobre la carrera de su productor, su día con su vaguada y Usher a Panamá para guiar su vida… ¡mil y una cosas! Pero lo que no se había remedado, o no con la gravedad que tiene: ¿qué hace la gálibo Chantel Jeffries con la que compartía carruaje Justin la confusión de su parada con él en Panamá? Justin Bieber: ¿tienes notificación novia? Después de notar todas las láminas de la perplejidad de la parada del principito del pop en la que fue escaso conduciendo ebrio y bajo los objetos de la hierba y el pimple, hay poco bastante sospechoso en ellas… Y es que esa confusión vieron la luminiscencia unas instantáneas de Justin compartiendo lamborghini ictérico con una muchacha patrón citación Chantel Jeffries, al cimiento con el problemón que rodeaba a Justin la supuesta muchacha no llamó nuestra atención como tendría que haber causado. Sabíamos que la vaguada de Bieber, su mánager y el cantante Usher habían determinado estar de moda al principito a Panamá hacerle resultar del caracolillo de salvajismo adonde está regado, no obstante lo que no sabíamos es que la muchacha que le acompañaba la sombra de la parada está cerca de él en Panamá. ¿¿¿es su noticia novia??? Entonces… ¿el aldabonazo de Selena Gomez es únicamente por su estima?

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Mexicano muere de injecion letal

El mexicano Édgar Tamayo Arias fue cumplido este miércoles 22 de enero en la Unidad Carcelaria Walls, en Huntsville, Texas, con una jeringuilla perjudicial. El litigio de cumplimentación inició a las 21:15 horas y fue acabado a las 21:26. A las 21:32 fue declarado muerto, según informó el condado de legislación del Departamento Texas Minutos previamente de la lapidación programada para las 18:00 horas de este 22 de enero, un nuevo recurso fue acudido ante la Suprema Corte de Estados Unidos, lo que retrasó la diligencia de la axioma. Sin embargo tres horas más tarde se rechazó la expediente y el enjuiciamiento de lapidación continuó su jarana. Las representantes de Eu rechazaron diferentes expedientes de amnistía de diversas demandas nacionales e internacionales. En la consumación del mexicano no estuvieron actuales sus proles, empero, la religiosa del gendarme Guy Gaddis al que presuntamente Tamayo asesinó en 1994, presenció la sangre del connacional. El comité de Tamayo será acarreado a Miacatlán, Morelos, emplazamiento adonde nació. La última cena del mexicano fueron galletas de cerdo, vegetales, arroz, café y té. Tamayo, de 47 años, tuvo la puntería de alternar con sus artífices, ñaños e hijas. “20 años han sido exuberantes, estoy listo para morir”, fueron algunas de las últimas hablas que dijo Édgar Tamayo. Tamayo es el interior espectáculo 509 en ser diligenciado en la Unidad Carcelaria Walls, en Huntsville, Texas. Édgar Tamayo era uno de los 51 mexicanos que guisa parte del “caso Avena”, laudo que la Corte Internacional de Justicia instruyó a Eu en 2004 a compulsar y reconsiderar las apotegmas de mexicanos endiablados a guadaña por homicidio, mismos que no recibieron subvención consular; como es su derecho, y como está convenido en el artículo 36 de la Convención de Viena. La Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (Sre) lamentó la hechura del mexicano Édgar Tamayo Arias en la Unidad Carcelaria Walls, en Huntsville, Texas. La calidad afirmó que la axioma y realización del mexicano nativo de Morelos, viola la Convención de Viena sobre Relaciones Consulares y contraviene el defecto de la Corte Internacional de Justicia dictado en el Caso Avena (2004).

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Nadal derroto a federer

Rafa Nadal, con la palma de su suerte babora a la cicatería por una vibrante hervora que lo tuvo a maltraer durante todo el desafío, le ganó la semi de Melbourne a Roger Federer por 7-6, 6-3 y 6-3, se puso 23-10 en el historial ante el suizo, y se cruzará en la final con otro helvético: Stanislas Wawrinka. El español Rafael Nadal, primer capital de ristra del Abierto de Australia, derrotó al suizo Roger Federer (6°) en tres sets, por 7-6 (7/4), 6-3, 6-3 este viernes en Melbourne, se puso 23-10 en el biografía ante el helvético, y jugará su tercera final del combate. Nadal intentará ocupar su 14° membrete de Grand Slam, el segundo en Australia tras el logrado en 2009, el domingo frente a otro suizo, Stanislas Wawrinka (8°), quien había hundido al checo Tomas Berdych (7°) en cuatro sets 6-3, 6-7 (1/7), 7-6 (7/3), 7-6 (7/4), el jueves en la otra semifinal. El mallorquín solo encontró reticencia en Federer en el primer set, que ganó en el tie-break. En la segunda manga rompió el wáter del suizo en el sexto y en el nono juego. En el tercer set, los dos componentes se quebraron el retrete en los anteriores conjuntos, luego Nadal reaccionó y volvió a crujir el lanzamiento de Federer en dos permutas más, para concluir de guisa guardarropa el partido, en dos horas y 24 minutos. Federer, que realizó más aces (8 contra 3) y más bastonazos ganadores (34 frente a 24) fue herida de los errores no artificiales, dado que cometió el doble que el gachupin (50 y 25). En episodio de cazar su decimocuarto letrero del Grand Slam, Nadal igualaría la señal del yanqui Pete Sampras y se acercaría al récord de Federer (17). Esta será la decimonovena final de Grand Slam del español, que incluso está lejos de Federer (24). En suceso de recompensa, el mallorquín se convertirá en el tercer tahúr de la exposición, tras los australianos Roy Emerson y Rod Laver, en dominar al a excepción de dos oportunidades los cuatro letreros de Grand Slam.

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Mujeres que fuman durante el embarazo su hijo puede salir gay

¿fumar en el embarazo hace que el bebé sea homosexual? Nos llega desde Holanda, desde la Universidad de Amsterdam, un polémico opúsculo que dice que los vestidos de existencia de la mama durante el corte pueden predeterminar autores como la orientación carnal del niño o pupila u otras males. En concreto, el galeno Dick Swaab dice que ocupar hormonas y fumar durante el impedimento aumenta las expectaciones de que el rorro, si es pupila, sea lesbia o bisexual. El mismo estudia plantea que si la quebrada ahora tiene más hijuelos machos, los subsiguientes van teniendo más soluciones de ser homosexuales pues según Swaab, el sistema inmunológico de la raíz desarrolla respuestas más sólidas a las hormonas masculinas con cada niño que nazca. También indica que la bebida y el consumo de anfetas afectan al cociente inmaterial del futuro crío; mientras tanto que conducirse en una faja de reincorporación intoxicación hace que aumenten las alternativas de que el niño sea autista.

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Chileno gana dakar

Ignacio Casale se inscribió en la carrera grande del ejercicio chileno tras convertirse en el primer chófer en coronarse campeón de una tirada del rally Dakar 2014. El tripulante nacional se impuso en la última fase de la eficacia que tuvo una etapa peculiar de 157 kilómetros logrando un lapso de 2 horas, 11 minutos y 37 periquetes y demostrando que no tan solo dominó la explanada argentina y el añojal de Atacama, sino igualmente los cactos de la provincia de Coquimbo, dado que la última cabalgada del rally tuvo como horizonte cardinal a aquella galantería. Gracias a sus geniales diligencias, el chileno se alzó con la recompensa en la clase de cuadrimotos adonde logró imponerse con amplia conveniencia por sobre sus rivales. Casale ganó siete de las 13 épocas del Dakar 2014 y completó un período de 68 horas, 28 minutos y 04 segundos en la calidad general. Tras superar la ideal el santiaguino se limito a hablar "no puedo apostar que gané el Dakar. Estoy en golpe, en extremo emocionado", asimismo de pagar al público que lo apoyó durante la línea. De esta manera, Ignacio Casale se convirtió en el primer chileno en atiesar un rótulo de Dakar, puesto que las anteriores interpretaciones chilenas que destacaron en la atribución fueron un segundo motivo en cuadrimotos (2013) logrado por el mismo Casale y dos terceros espacios (2001, 2010 y 2013) en motos por parte de Carlos de Gavardo y Francisco López

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Tonto llama al 911 para pedir dama de compañia

Kareem Collins sintió que necesitaba una dama, sin embargo en sitio de combinar a un bufé e observar conquistar a una chica, llamó al 911, guarismo de urgencia en los Estados Unidos. Collins no obtuvo una damisela, sin embargo logró ser lazado. Ahí no para la horripilante explicación. Resulta que Kareem es un delincuente sensual convicto que había transmitido de advertir su posición a las direcciones; su citación al 911 alertó a la Policía. De acuerdo al informe de los efectivos de St. Tammany Parish, Luisiana, obligado por una aristócrata, el varón llamó al 911 y dijo: "Necesito una mujer". Cuando los encargados del guarismo de temoras contestaron la reprensión y recabaron suficiente consultoría, se dieron factura de los antecedentes penales de Collins, un apurado delincuente carnal. Aunque Kareem no fue reprobado por esgrimir indebidamente el espectáculo de necesidades 911, fue empaquetado por no haber avisado su altibajo de habitáculo

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Caja de cerveza salvavidas

Tres varoniles sobrevivieron debido a una pajarera térmica que conservaba sus bebidas bebedoras. Les sirvió de ambiente de zambullida cuando quedaron naufragando frente a la ribera en orillas del nordeste brasileño. Tres brasileños se salvaron de sofocarse luego de un desmoronamiento frente a la orilla del nordeste del departamento aferrados a la merienda de una urna isotérmica repleta de cerveza, informaron cunas oficiales. El accidente ocurrió el pasado martes en el ribereño sur del estado de Alagoas (noreste), a tres kilómetros de la ribera, frente al consistorio de Barra de Sao Miguel, según informó el Centro de Apoyo Aéreo de la división. Los tres náufragos, dos compañeras y un macho, se agarraron a la merienda de la ataúd de cerveza, elaborada en hervora de poliestireno, y flotaron a la deriva “algunas horas”, de acuerdo con diferentes instrumentos, inclusive que fueron huidos por un helicóptero de la Policía Militarizada, que estaba haciendo una escolta de manera. Dos naves que pasaban por el pueblo, uno de ellos de un alacrán marino, ayudaron en las trabajos de SOS de los náufragos, que no necesitaron ser hospitalizados porque no presentaban ofensas graves.

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Porque la xbox no vende en asia

Alan Bowman, vicepresidente de la circunscripción de Microsoft en la comarca de Australasia, ha versado con el portal Gameplanet en una abullonada cita de la que rescatamos la favorable parte en la que hace noticia al poco éxito de la inscripción Xbox en Japón. "Ese ha sido un desplante tenaz para nosotros", declaró Bowman sobre el pueblo oriental. "Ser una sutura nacional botana una gran diferencia en Japón. Sony es en extremo fuerte allí porque es su acantonamiento general, y precisamente recibe mucho palo por parte de los consumidores y del legal ecosistema; unos desarrolladores Third-party que principalmente publican para Sony". "Hemos poseido periquetes a mitad de la historia de Xbox 360 adonde podríamos haber hallado algunos zapapicos de posadas si hubiéramos valido con un contenido lanzado allí de algún desarrollador nipón. Japón está harto marcado por los aforos locales. Algunos se aplican a Corea, otros a Taiwán... Pero la colectividad de Asia está enormemente pronunciada por lo local", aseguró.

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