Rial Jorge's daughter celebrated her 15 years in peace carlos

The thrill of Jorge Rial for the birthday of his daughter: "Blood makes you relatives but loyalty makes you family"

On the verge of tears, the driver spoke of Intrusion love for Rocio and Morena, who celebrated his 15 years at Villa Carlos Paz. The emotional celebration, in this note.

The last weekend was no one more Jorge Rial and his family: brunette, his eldest daughter turned 15 and chose to celebrate in Cordoba, home province of Mariana "Loly" Antoniale couple Intrusion journalist.

Model, Jorge, Morena and his sister Rocio came to Villa Carlos Paz, where they enjoyed the work a Mansion Impossible and were surprised by Mariano Iudica, who asked the stage to sing Happy Birthday to the teenager.

On Monday, Rial introduced the note of celebration at the beginning of your program and explained why they chose to celebrate in Córdoba: "Morena decided long ago that Córdoba is your second home. There's the second family that we set together. Are people she wants: Betty, Mariana's mother who is like a grandmother, Mariana's brother, uncles. "

"We had a barbarian. He was with the people I wanted. Were all they had to be, all my daughter wants, which my daughter loves. Were all. No missed anyone, do not miss anyone from my daughter wants and are part of the family. Because blood relative but makes you makes you family loyalty, "he said, referring also to the absence (without naming) Silvia D'Auro, his ex-wife and who adopted girls.