The app Line Inaugration their own "theme park"

The project, a kind of large size store, take place until late April in Taiwan, but the company plans to repeat it in different countries. Latin America is one of the bastions of competitor WhatsApp ...

The Next Web assert that "Line wants to be more than a messaging application." The opening of a theme park itself is a perfect example of that statement. There is a large enclosure with the same characteristics of the project undertaken in Finland by Rovio franchise for "Angry Birds", roller included in the recipe, but a sort of exhibit featuring artworks, drawings, photographs large scale and dolls of the classic characters of Line, entrepreneurship leading to service a physical dimension.

With its open until April 27 in Taiwan (square where the application has a penetration of over 70 percent) doors, Line has among its plans to bring this type of display to various parts of the world. In view of this, it is not unreasonable arrival to Latin America, which is, along with Asia, where greater tread has this courier.

As reported by the site Mobile Entertainment, Line follows the steps to pardigma sector, WhatsApp, with 300 million users compared to 400 million the leader. It has presence in over 230 countries and has versions in 16 languages. However, all is not rosy in Line universe. As explained in this note, Naver, the owner signs the application, run the risk of becoming dependent fully on this product. Moreover, revuela misgivings about its expandability. "Naver maintain the growth momentum while Line expand their territory. But the problem is how well the service may take place in the United States and Western European countries, "said an analyst about.